LIMITED EDITION – 3 colour release BackPack

Like sneakers and baseball caps, the backpack is one of those once-sloppy afterthoughts that have become considered, coveted purchases in the last decade. It’s the most versatile design on the bag list, but also the only man bag where you can conceivably buy three and get use from them all.
We are introducing a new backpack to our bag collection.
This is a 3 colored monster, thats right folks 3.

Depending on your lifestyle, it could be a smart backpack for the business-casual commuter, a rugged companion for weekend pursuits or a training buddy for your gym kit. Adopted by virtually every style tribe on the planet, your old school bag is officially an all-grown-up men’s bag style: a genuine menswear classic.

For an everyday pack or commuter bag, adjustable air mesh straps will keep things comfortable while anything but canvas will keep things dry. Look for padding to keep the contents from jamming in your back. Then it’s a case of tailoring the bag to your needs. Leather or combo leather styles work best for the office, and many come with a laptop sleeve. Going to the gym? You’ll need extra compartments. Getting on the bike? Look for backpack that can make going to the Gym more fun.

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