CRLi & Recycling

Here are the things you the customer have to consider before deciding on a particular style.
Maybe some company has their own designer to support the purchaser, it is still important and convenient for the purchaser knowing more about produ.cts and the process of how it was made

We can inform you that all of our bags are made of EU/ECO recycled materials only.

The main material of hot-selling bags should be the most important factor to consider, whatever you want to purchase backpacks, casual bags, travel bags, or any others. It is not recommended to choose a material that will conflict with most garments. Few consumers are willing to risk paying for a particular material. Only a few customers want to do that but we can make some difference in other parts, not material.

How to choose the main material when you consider the style?

PU recyled leather is a safer choice as it is generally stylish and can be used as a day-to-day commuter bag to complement the office look.

We are in production and always make sure our customers get the linside look to how we make our products from scrap.

Enviromental change starts with affermative action and we need it now.

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