What bag to wear for a city break?

Practical, Fierce, Energy, is a whole mood. 

This year we have been back booking holidays more than ever. After a couple of years, of not being able to get abroad and see the world, everyone is cramming the holidays in and as we enter Autumn, it’s city break season! 

Everyone loves a city break, 3 – 5 days of evening drinks, great food and lots of sightseeing. Unlike a beach holiday where you can just pack your bikinis, you have to carefully plan out your whole wardrobe. Consider what you are doing throughout the day and what the weather will be like.
We have just the bags you need.. welcome to the world of Carl Imro fannies..

Looking at the most essential part of your wardrobe, we are answering the question –

What bag to wear for a city break?

Our recommendation this season would be to look at the full collection. Our team  continues to design functional but fashionable bags of all kinds with styles and mini-shoulder bags in both sleek and joyful colours. 

The first bag to pack would be something that you can wear throughout the day. A larger comfortable bag that doesn’t dig into your shoulder. You might even want a larger-style tote that you can wear across your body. Eco Leather is always a contious option. This style is for the days when you need les things with you, a battery pack, or any essential beauty products where you need the added space.