What Should I Get My Girl/Boyfriend For the holidays?

Are you feeling the love this year as we head towards holidays? Whether you’re celebrating christmas or valentines day with your girlfriend or going all out for your peoples, we have got the perfect picks for you. Find dreamy bags, beautiful watches or just show you care with smaller bag, always a winner.
Here’s our guide for all the inspo…

#1 What should I get for our first Valentine’s Day?

Spending your first holidays together? Don’t panic, you just want a thoughtful gesture so keep it simple with our watches. If your man prefers a minimal, classic style the carl imro are a great option. Canton and Sin are trending at the moment a watch he will keep forever. If its a she and she has more of a colourful-upbeat style the hand bags are super cute and you can pick one to match her personality.

Whether you’ve been together for a short while or you’re husband and wife of ten years, it can be tricky to find a gift to top your last and that’s where we come in. As the specialist, we know exactly what a girl wants, and this holidays season is no different.
If your partner loves to keep up with the latest trends then the new it-bag by CRLi will have her smiling from ear to ear.  Coming in both canvas and teddy fabrics, the Carl imro hand bags will effortlessly complement her everyday style and will 100% be the bag she wears all year.
Now more importantly celebrate the girls that get you through every day, your true soulmates. Is she a budding MUA? Does she need to upgrade her purse? Here are some of our bag favourites that won’t hurt your bank account but will go a long way…

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