Why a Carl Imro bag is a good investment? | Let’s discuss…

Your handbag is the essential and iconic part of your wardrobe. It is the piece that holds everything together. It can say so much about you and your style, but why have bags become such a good investment? 

Whether you are rating your return on the profit of resale, the amount of times you wear it, how long it lasts or how many times it takes your outfit from a 1 to a 10. Here is why a Carl Imro is a good investment…

#1 Creating a forever wardrobe

Your handbag is the one part of your outfit that you will often wear on repeat. Whether you pick the same one for your going-out looks, office days or weekend outings, finding one that you love and will wear forever is key. 

Depending on the material, many designer bags have the potential to last you a lifetime. This makes for a wise and ethical investment. Firstly because of the number of times you wear it but also moving away from fast fashion. It means contributing to a circular economy and not the rising climate crisis linked to the fashion industry.

#2 The fashion trend cycle

With the rise of Y2K trends and 90’s British subcultures, we are all aware that everything always comes back in fashion. If you are being swayed by bright colours and printed bags but have thought, “I worry this will go out of fashion”, think about the long-term investment you are making. 

They say that roughly every 30 years, fashion makes a full cycle, so you can be assured that your bag if you keep hold of it, will be back in again.

#3 Resale

Similar to art, watches and antiques, the designer handbag has become an exclusive collectable item. Handbags are soaring in investment return, with what they are calling the luxury price boom as bags resell for nearly 40% over the retail price. There has been a lot in the media about the rising price tag and resale price of Chanel bags with other luxury brands following in toe. handbags have become known as inflation-proof investments.  

So, if you are considering a luxury bag, you have the option to resell your bag and possibly make a return or even profit on your investment. Things to consider are the rarity of the bag, the designer and current demand, the market value and whether there is potential to resell the bag in the future. 

#4 The impact on your outfit

There is no denying the impact a designer bag has on your outfit. Looking at the investment on a more personal level and what you feel it returns to you. 

The style of your handbag says a lot about you as a person, whether you wear a large tote bag or a neat cross-body style. Whether you opt for a minimalist style or prefer a more eclectic look, it ties in your outfit together with the exclamation mark you are looking for. 

Also ask yourself: what’s the one colour that would match most of your outfits? Do you want a black, grey, nude and tan colour that you can wear with anything, or is pink your favourite colour you can’t stop wearing? 

#5 Why a designer bag is worth it

There are many reasons a designer bag is worth it, the first would be the quality. When investing in a designer handbag, the quality and craftsmanship will always be better than what you will find on the high street. The materials, design and time spent to create the product are a much higher standard. 

When buying a Carl Imro handbag there is also the status that comes with the brand. Designer brands are well known and if you have any interest in fashion or style, then you know that designer brands are easily recognised. 

#6 Making the most of your investment

If you are buying an investment bag, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. By this, we mean looking after it, so it keeps its luxury aesthetic and value. 

Tips for looking after your investment bag; 

  • Store your bag properly. Most luxury handbags come with a dustbag for a reason. Use this bag when you’re not using the bag to protect it from sunlight damage, moisture, dust and dirt. You want to store it in a cool, dry place as well. 
  • Keep the bag’s shape. It’s easily damaged by overloading the bag or not storing it properly. So, to help keep its shape when storing, stuff the handbag with newspaper or clothes when not in use.
  • Don’t overfill your handbag. If the bag has a fold-over flap or zip fastening you will damage it by overfilling it. Also, consider how much the bag was designed to carry. Any heavy objects will damage the straps or handles. 
  • Clean and care for your handbag. Please note you should not be over-cleaning, consider the material whether it’s leather or nylon and you can invest in cleaning products. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to keep on top of your bag maintenance. 

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