Is Carl Imro a vegan brand?

yes we are a fully vegan brand!

Our transition to becoming a fully vegan brand has been relatively recent, but we have always been environmentally conscious.
As a brand, we are committed to positive change and in 2020, we became an official PETA certified vegan brand.

Vegan leather is durable and will hold it’s shape. Carl imro vegan leather bags are made from a super strong and durable Sturdy PU fabric, which is made up of recycled fibers from plastic waste. have a look

Vegan leather is essentially made from plastic, so it’s super easy to care for compared to real leather. Firstly, polyurethane is waterproof, meaning that leather cleaners, protectors and harsh chemicals are not needed.

Keep it simple and clean your vegan leather bag using a soft cloth dipped in warm water – you can use a toothbrush to gently buff the grooves if your bag has a textured surface. If you have a stain, try adding a mild soap to your water and rubbing lightly.

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